Landlord Help

Hub Terms and Conditions

Effective date: December 2023


1. Acceptance of Terms

a. The entity or individual accessing or utilizing the Landlord Help Hub website
(hereinafter referred to as the "Website") hereby acknowledges and consents to be
legally bound by these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"). This Agreement represents a binding legal contract between you
(the "User") and Landlord Help Hub.
b. Non-Acceptance: Should you dissent from any term or condition stipulated
herein, your sole recourse is to abstain from using the Website.


2. Definitions

a. "Website": This term encapsulates the digital platform managed and operated by
Landlord Help Hub, which provides services and resources pertaining to real estate
b. "User" or "You": This term refers to any individual or entity that engages with
or utilizes the Website.


3. Provision of Services

Landlord Help Hub proffers a digital platform inclusive of, but not limited to, the
following services (collectively, the "Services"):

---Educational Materials: Access to a repository of articles and resources on
real estate.

---Virtual Classroom: An online space for imparting educational content,
conducting live presentations, and facilitating discussions.

---Group Interactions: Organized sessions for collaborative learning and

---Personalized Tutoring: Customized one-on-one educational sessions.

---Compensation Structure: A delineated framework for remunerating
educators, subject to specific agreements.

---Resource Toolkit: A compendium of tools and resources for real estate

---Affiliate Partnerships: Collaborations with third-party service providers,
potentially generating affiliate revenue.


4. Account Registration and Security

a. Registration Obligations: Access to certain functionalities of the Website,
including class participation and content submission, mandates registration. You
agree to furnish truthful, current, and comprehensive information and maintain its
b. Account Security: You bear full responsibility for the confidentiality and use of
your account credentials, inclusive of all activities conducted under your account.


5. User-Generated Content

a. Grant of License: By contributing content to the Website, you accord Landlord
Help Hub a global, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, adapt, publish, and
distribute your content.

b. Content Warranties: You affirm that your content does not infringe on any third-
party rights and complies with applicable laws.


6. Financial Terms

a. Remuneration for Educational Services: Instructors conducting paid sessions
shall receive compensation as per the established payment structure, detailed in separate contractual agreements.


7. Intellectual Property Protections

a. Proprietary Rights: All intellectual property on the Website, including its design,
content, and functionalities, remains the exclusive property of Landlord Help Hub, protected under relevant copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws.


8. Privacy Considerations

a. Data Usage: Your interaction with the Website is subject to our Privacy Policy,
detailing our data collection and usage practices.


9. Right to Terminate Access

a. Discretionary Termination: Landlord Help Hub retains the unilateral right to
terminate or suspend your access to the Website for any reason, without prior


10. Limitation of Liability

a. Exclusion of Liability: Landlord Help Hub disclaims responsibility for any user
or third-party content on the Website. Your use of the Website and its Services is
at your own risk.


11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

a. Legal Framework: These Terms are governed by the laws of Florida, USA.
Legal disputes fall under the jurisdiction of courts in Florida, USA.


12. Changes to Terms and Conditions

a. Amendments: Landlord Help Hub may modify these Terms at any time, with
continued use post-modification implying acceptance.


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